Experienced Personal Trainers at MVMT makes it the Best Gym for Dubai’s Working Professionals

Being a dedicated working professional in Dubai Marina is hard work. This dedication comes with many sacrifices. Unfortunately, in some cases, sacrifices include personal health. This is counterproductive as a healthy body allows for a healthy mind. Neglected personal health, in most cases, degenerates over a long period of time. The good news is that it only takes one week of healthy living to improve your health. Our experienced personal trainers have helped to design the gym in a way to accommodate busy and ambitious working professionals in Dubai. This is what we have achieved.

Experienced Personal Trainer Justin: “Location, location, location!” 

Our experienced personal trainers have been working with professionals for years. Making one’s commute to the gym a part of a workout is excellent for professionals. A lunchtime gym session or late-night class is also popular for working professionals. So we decided to bring a gym near your place of work and home. Dubai Marina is the hub of Dubai. This where most people live and work. So there’s no excuse to not be fit while pursuing professional goals.  

Our location allows means that MVMT Fit is the ‘gym near me for all those working and living in Dubai Marina. Location is not all that we have learned from our experienced personal trainers

Experienced Personal Trainer Nikita: “Consistency is Key!”

Taking a class that you enjoy will help you remain consistent in your training even with limited time. MVMT Fit offers a wide variety of fun classes to suit everyone’s needs. Some classes suit specialised needs. With time being precious, we make sure that the time spent with a personal trainer or in a MVMT Fit class, is well spent.

Another motivating factor to training is training with a workout partner. The days that you feel demotivated are usually the days your training buddy feels strong. It’s getting there that requires some motivation sometimes. Once you’re at MVMT, we’ll take care of the rest and you’ll leave thanking your training partner for pulling you along. With this in mind, MVMT Fit will be offering a Referral Program. Members that invite people, to join, will receive a discount on their next membership. Keep an eye on our social media accounts to stay informed on our Referral Program coming soon.

Dubai Marina consists of people from all over the world. So the need for community is great and we know how to create that community in a healthy way. We’re more than a place to get fit. We support each other in personal pursuits for fitness. Not at the expense of professional goals and dreams though.

An Exclusive Gym Membership to MVMT Fit!    

The first 40 people to sign up to MVMT Fit will be a part of our MVMT40 group. This exclusive gym membership offers a once in a lifetime deal. The deal includes a 25% discount on all annual memberships from signup. This discount will apply to all annual renewals for a lifetime going forward. MVMT40 members will also get unlimited access to all MVMT Fit classes.    


MVMT Fit is the best gym for Dubai’s working professionals. MVMT Fit has experience with working professionals. Our great location and class structure is suitable for working professionals. The exclusive gym membership adds even more value. MVMT Fit is the gym nearby that you want to be a part of. Join the MVMT! 

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