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25 Years Experience in Fitness and Nutrition



Hi everyone my name is Justin Perry, I’m a coach here at MVMT CrossFit.

A bit about myself, I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. I started playing sports at a young age from cricket, hockey, soccer, rugby and loads of others. Aside from sports I’ve also always been an outdoor kid that enjoyed any physical activity like skating, BMX racing and cross county running to name a few

10 years ago, I decided to move to Dubai and that was where my coaching journey began. I started out bodybuilding and training clients with one-on-one personal training. Few years into my fitness journey I switched from bodybuilding to CrossFit and I acquired my level 2 CrossFit certificate before started coaching CrossFit. I’m also a qualified evidence based nutritionist.

As I coach here at MVMT CrossFit I want to create and fun hard-working environment in the community in Dubai. I’m 100 % dedicated to getting you in the best shape of your life both physically and mentally. I look forward to working with you all. Remember to have fun smash all your workouts and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions

I’d like to welcome you all and wish you all the best pumps, sweats, workouts, gains, weight losses, fun and lols laughs here at MVMT CrossFit. 

I am Justin, and I am MVMT! 



Hi everyone my name is Nikita Lord, I’m a coach here at MVMT CrossFit.

Born in South Africa I grew up playing outside and climbing trees with my cousins. Fitness was always a part of my life and then I started CrossFit back in 2012. My love and passion for the fitness industry grew from there, as there was a challenge to conquer everyday and so kept I came back more eager to learn! My mindset changed from “I can’t” to “I can” and that’s what I love about pushing myself in a workout.

As a coach there is no better feeling than helping a member to hit a PB or to go “full send” in a workout. I furthered my interest and love for fitness in 2017 when I obtained my HFPA Personal Training Certificate, CrossFit Level 1, Studio Cycle certificate and Metafit HIIT certificate. While studying and clocking my hours as a personal trainer, I trained and took part in various CrossFit competitions including the CrossFit open.

Competing changed my mindset and helped me develop my coaching skills. You will always find me at the gym. I’m either coaching or training as this is where my heart is. When I am not at the gym you will find me outside enjoying the fresh air, having a cup of a coffee with a good book. I enjoy my downtime and a good piece of red velvet cake.

Fitness changes your outlook on life and I believe it makes you a better person. It made me a better person. Fitness teaches you discipline, perseverance, hard work, consistency, positive self talk and most importantly it teaches you to never give up!

I am Nikita, and I am MVMT 



Hi everyone my name is Cathy Rezk, I’m a coach here at MVMT CrossFit.

Fitness is not just a workout just like a single cheat meal isn’t going to make you unhealthy.
Having growing up in Dubai, meant living a different life. We don’t have the outdoors like a lot of other countries do, and I wasn’t an athletic kid that did sports in school. None of my family members even remotely enjoyed fitness. I only started enjoying fitness when I joined Martial arts at the age of 16. This is where my journey started. I only saw fitness as the opportunity to lose weight. I had a bad relationship with food as eating disorders and dieting starting at the very young age of 12. I then started with boxing, kickboxing, salsa dancing, and moved on to lifting weights.

I became a certified personal trainer and nutritionist since 2013. In 2016 I found a community within fitness and I fell in love with it even more. As I fell in love with fitness and gained friends, more confidence and the ability to push myself through any limitation, I decided to take a year long evidence-based nutrition certification that officially makes me a certified nutritionist. I want to help people have a good relationship with food, the correct and scientific way with absolutely no guessing, that is customized to their preference.

I find myself and friends pushing when we are in a class setting, and that’s why I believe in the MVMT method, we will push you to what we think is best, you will get the best workout possible in, and at the end of that you will find the community cheering you for doing so. Every day is a celebration, every workout is an accomplishment.

I am Cathy, and I am MVMT



Hello everyone my name is Anthony Berr and I am a coach here at MVMT CrossFit.

I was born in Marseille, South of France. Since I was a kid, sport has always been an important part of my life, as it is a real source of well-being for both my body and mind. I have participated in many sports throughout my life such as tennis, football, mountain biking, swimming, kick boxing and obstacle races, and all have been at competition levels.

Though, when I started CrossFit more than 6 years ago, I immediately considered this discipline as a lifestyle focus. Subsequently, I acquired my CrossFit Level1 and my Health Coach certificate. Additionally, I attended many seminars in powerlifting, weightlifting and gymnastics to further my understanding of fitness and personal training.

Feeling more than ready to coach and train people, I challenged myself by opening my first gym in 2016, and opening a second in 2019, back home in France.

Now, I am here with you in Dubai to continue this challenge with the same motivations. Every client is different, so you can be sure that I will be by your side on each step of the way. I am dedicated to ensuring that you lead a life of better fitness and well-being, all the while maintaining a great, positive vibe in our workouts.

I really look forward seeing many of you at MVMT CrossFit, setting together your goals and following your progress.

This is my story

I am Anthony, and I am MVMT.  

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