MTCN is the name of our class which is an abbreviation for the word METCON.  Why do we offer a MTCN class at MVMT FIT in Dubai Marina?  

The short answer is because we are results-driven and we believe that METCONS are the best way to get great results in one’s performance. Read on to find out why we say this.    

‘Met’ in METCON stands for metabolic, which as the name suggests, has to do with a person’s energy systems. The ‘Con’ in METCON refers to conditioning.  So combined, METCONS are workouts that encourage metabolic training through conditioning exercises, which are intended to increase the storage and delivery of energy for any activity. Generally, all our high intensity efforts of two minutes or less are anaerobic while easier efforts lasting more than several minutes are aerobic.   

Anaerobic efforts, although shorter in time, are relatively high powered.  Aerobic efforts are relatively low powered. It’s generally been accepted that aerobic exercise are best for fat burning but recent studies have shown that anaerobic exercises are a vastly superior protocol for fat burning than the less intense aerobic exercise. This means that to increase aerobic capacity, kettlebells and other workouts performed at higher intensity levels in shorter time frames are more effective than riding a bike and running for longer periods of time!  

Metabolic training combined with varying exercise modalities avoids specificity of adaptation allowing for improved cardiovascular respiratory adaptations, and increased functional strength.  Endurance athletes therefore achieve great success during competitions when having focused on anaerobic rather than aerobic activity.  

Our MTCN class is 60 minutes of high intensity functional movements that focuses on strength and conditioning.  The goal here is to focus on anaerobic efforts for maximum effect and the best results.  We aim to make the full 60 minutes count!       

This class will challenge you with new movements, push your personal physical limits, increase your stamina and strength and improve your overall health.  

The estimated calories that will be burnt in this class is between 450 and 800 calories.  

MTCN suits anybody looking to improve overall health and fitness.  It’s especially recommended for all Dubai Marina endurance athletes looking to improve their performance.

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