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Coach Cathy’s Weight Loss 101

There are plenty of weight-loss myths out there and I would like to put some to rest once and for all.

Weight-loss is basically just a case of burning more calories that you eat.  Simple right?

Yes, all this means is that we need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight. Some people look for a quick fix and others consider a lifestyle change.  One of the benefits of exercise is that it is there to assist burn more calories, so then we can eat a little more.  Think of it this way, if you need 1,100 calories in order to maintain your weight and then you do a MTCN workout and burn 400 calories, your calorie input (food) will bump up to 1500 on that day.  

MYTH 1: I’m losing weight so now I’m healthier

No, there is a big difference between weight-loss and beinghealthy!

Evidence shows us that it is very possible to lose weight in an unhealthy manner.  You could eat chips and a slice of pizza every day and still be within your calorie limit. It’s only a little food because these foods are calorie dense.  Caloric dense foods are food that we may think make us fat.  A McDonald’s’ burger for example, is around 500 calories (that is without meal).  Can you imagine how many grams of broccoli or lettuce you need to eat to hit 500 calories?  This brings up the issue of volume of food. 

Volume foods fill you up.  They are big in quantity, and they’re also the most time-filled with nutrients, like vegetables for example. When you’re trying to burn more calories than you consume, you want to make sure that you’re eating foods that will satiate you.  Protein is the best macro nutrient for that.  Eating lean meat will make you feel fuller for longer, in addition to that having a big portion of vegetables, which is full of fibre also ensures that you’re satiated for a longer amount of time.  Your body will also be able to absorb more nutrients from the lean meat and vegetables that you eat compared to the MacDonald’s’ burger. 

So, weight loss involves burning more calories than you consume. Weight loss doesn’t always mean healthier living.  Sign-up with us to find out how you can receive an optimized dietary plan to match your workout, or join our weight loss competition to see how you can win big by losing.  


  • Papaya Yogurt Bowl:
  • Half a Papaya
  • Low-Fat Greek yogurt + one stevia
  • Top with coconut flakes + cereal + chocolate chip

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