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Finding a Dubai personal trainer can be a daunting task. With so many different options available, it can be difficult to know where to start. Some obvious factors to keep in mind when narrowing down your search will be the location. How far are you willing to travel every day to meet your trainer for your training session?  Are you able to travel or would you rather make use of a mobile personal trainer who can come to you for training sessions instead? Figuring this out will already eliminate a few options and make your search a bit easier.

Do I really need a personal trainer if I know how to train?

There are a lot of people out there who think that they don’t need a personal trainer because they already know how to train. But the truth is, a personal trainer can help you in a lot of ways:

  • A Dubai personal trainer can help you stay motivated. It’s easy to get lazy when you’re working out on your own, but having someone else there to push you can make all the difference. 
  • A Dubai personal trainer can help you stay on track with your goals. It’s easy to get sidetracked when you’re working out on your own, but having someone else there to keep you focused can make all the difference. 
  • A Dubai personal trainer can help you progress faster. If you’re not seeing results as quickly as you’d like, it can be discouraging.


Important Qualities to look for in a Dubai Personal Trainer

Your personal trainer should take pride in his/her profession. 

  • Should be punctual.
  • Possess high standards of hygiene.
  • Should push you.
  • Set an example for you.
  • A great Dubai personal trainer should inspire you.
  • You should be able to respect him/her and they should be respectful to you but also able to admit when you did not hold up to your promises without any reservations.
  • In terms of education, they should be qualified with a CrossFit Level 1 Certificate or a personal training certificate.

How much should you be paying for a Dubai Personal Trainer

Some personal trainers in the UAE can cost AED 100 to AED 1,000 per session, so it is extremely important to comprehend exactly what you’re getting for your money. Also, learn about their cancellation policy and policies regarding makeups or stopping, rescheduling, or cancelling sessions during your stay. 

Furthermore, ask if they have package rates and what’s included in them. A good way to save on personal training fees is to share the session with a friend or two, that way you can split the session rate. Just find out before the time if this is something that your trainer would be open to doing.


In conclusion, it is important to do your research when looking for a personal trainer in Dubai. Make sure to read reviews and ask around for recommendations. Once you have found a few trainers that you are interested in, meet with them in person to get a feel for their personality and training style. Be sure to ask lots of questions to find out if they are the right fit for you. And finally, trust your gut – if you don’t feel comfortable with a trainer, move on to someone else.

Find out more about MVMT CrossFit’s Personal Trainers here and Follow our social media channels to stay up to date.  

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