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CrossFit weightlifting creates some of the strongest athletes in the world. They train hard and are always pushing themselves to be better. They use a variety of methods to help them reach their goals. High reps at submaximal weights have been shown to be one of the most important factors for muscle growth in athletes.

The Best Exercises for CrossFit Weightlifting

Going back to the basics will always be the best way to build significant muscular strength. You won’t find better than the bench press, weighted squats and deadlift. Bench press is a compound exercise that works your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Deadlifts are an incredibly effective exercise for building strength and muscle mass. It is also one of the most natural movements that we as humans can perform. Last but certainly not least, weighted squats are an incredible way of building lower body strength and muscle endurance.  

Perform variations of these three exercises weekly to address a strong foundation of full body strength. Your Overhead strength is also not something to overlook.  The overhead press in combination with the bench press, deadlift and squat are the best exercises that you can do to ensure full body strength.

Tips for Success with CrossFit Weightlifting

  • The slow and gruesome lifts that come with heavy weight training is necessary for building strength but can be counterproductive for developing explosiveness which is key in any CrossFit program.


  • You can avoid this by adding some plyometric exercises to your training plan. Box jumps, burpees and sprints included in your training plan will make sure that you are developing power and explosiveness crucial for those power lifts.


  • Your mental approach to training can also have a great influence on your results. Make sure that you perform each movement with intent and not just go through the motions. Attempting to move forcefully can be just as beneficial as the actual velocity you reach.


  • Additionally, it is very important to schedule rest days into your routine. If you don’t allow your body ample time to recover, you will not see progress and you are then essentially wasting your time in the gym.

The Benefits of CrossFit Weightlifting

Not only will you achieve impeccable results, but you will achieve them in less than half the time. Because you are performing demanding exercise movements doing CrossFit Weightlifting, you will burn more calories in less time. 

Other benefits include: 

  • Increased mental toughness
  • Better mobility
  • A greater ability to perform daily tasks
  • Increased speed, endurance and power


You will also be rewarded with a faster metabolism meaning you will be burning more energy (calories) at rest. Without even exercising! Your faster metabolism also means that you will have higher energy levels throughout the day. 

You will also enjoy better bone health according to a study in the 2014 Journal of Family and Community Medicine, 12 weeks of strength training increased bone mineral density in the lower spine by 2.9% and the femur by 4.9%. Research proved that an improved mood and elevated body image are also one of the many benefits you will reap.



Whether you are a newbie or a veteran in the CrossFit scene. CrossFit weightlifting in combination with CrossFit exercises can benefit you a great deal in all areas of your life. To become stronger, one must be dedicated to the sport and put in the time to train correctly. Make sure you are being coached by a qualified CrossFit professional who always puts your health and safety as first priority. With the right attitude and effort, anyone can become stronger, better and faster.

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