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One of our passions at MVMT Fit is our ENDR Class.  We’re passionate about this because we have seen incredible results from endurance athletes that follow high-intensity programming. We focus on helping those in endurance sports improve their performance, fitness, and endurance of course, with the use of proven fundamentals of sports science, exercise physiology, nutrition, and athletic training protocols.  Our ENDR class is structured to offer strength and conditioning ideal for endurance athletes. Our goal is to provide a home for endurance athletes to grow both mentally and physically so that athletes can realize their full potential.

How do we accomplish this?

Power and Speed

Power and speed are critical to success in the endurance world. With careful ENDR class programming, our strength and conditioning plan increases power and speed, while decreasing recovery time and reducing injury.  We decrease unnecessary volume that most endurance athletes are accustomed to and increase intensity as we’ve seen how effective this is for the performance of endurance athletes.


Our programming incorporates Olympic lifts, powerlifting, gymnastics and explosive movements. We also focus on midline stabilization, a strong core, as it’s from the midline where power is generated.  When endurance athletes maintain correct posture while running and riding while training and during events, they prevent injuries.  This is only possible with a strong core.

Avoid Repetition

To build fitness effectively we avoid repetition.  Our goal is to make you faster, leaner, more powerful and less prone to injury. To do this we will make you lift heavy and make your lungs burn while using a variation of movements that are constantly varying.  

Eating Clean

Combine this with eating clean and our athletes end up thanking us.  Maybe not during the ENDR class nor immediately afterward, but when they start dropping other athletes while grinding up a hill, and the burn in their lungs feels familiar, and the power in their legs keep them going for longer.  That’s when we hear the words, ‘Thank-you Coach’.   

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